Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who Wants Luxury?

Well everyone! I sure do. but I was sure luxury vacation was too expensive for my budget, I just couldnt spend thousands on luxury vacations, but thats what I wanted Luxury! So I searched and searched and found a luxury vacation club that offered luxury vacation resorts from $250-$699/Wk .


Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Mommy Vacationer

When Mommy's vacation, we vacation at the best resorts, hotels, and suites possible. We love to vacation with the best, because we deserve the best, we all deserve the best. We work all of our lives! shouldn't we all get a week or two to sit back relax, enjoy the sun, view, or a wonderful breeze?

The Mommy Vacationer Knows that Resorts are the best places to stay at while on vacation, whether it be a ski, spa, golf, or beach resort. Mom Knows that Resorts offer more than the typical stuffy 2 bed, microwave, college sized fridge, and dark hotel room. She knows that the kids want space, privacy, and an escape from boredom of the school life and homework. She also knows dad wants to relax, catch a wave, or maybe go play some golf, and chat with the fellow vacationers at the resort across from him. And Mom also knows that she loves to be pampered, and a "Just like home" environment.

So the Mommy Vacationer picks the resorts, where the whole family will escape the daily hardships of the regular life.

Every Vacationer should pick the resort vacation at a descent price, right? So why Join a Luxury Vacation Club where the prices are at low wholesale prices and set for any budget. I recommend Smart Share, where the prices are low, vacations are luxury, membership is cheap, and offers its members more like discounted hotels, flight tickets, car rentals, and cruises. For

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